Sunday, September 30, 2012

Folk Wisdom's Cover Photo Contest!

Greetings Folks!

Right off the bat, we WANT YOU to be part of Folk Wisdom. And as our first official post, we have exciting news.

Our 4 editions of next year's magazine are off to a running start...but for one important thing: THE COVER!

We have our first cover already chosen, but we still need another why not have YOUR PHOTOGRAPH be one of the covers!


We are choosing 2 covers for the SUMMER and WINTER 2014 covers.

We are looking for COLOR photographs that best represent FOLK WISDOM MAGAZINE is (hints: country landscape, old-style decor, historical houses, old kitchenware or antiques, reenactment festivals or historically costumed people, farm kids, farm animals, old-time living in general).

1. Submit UP TO THREE PHOTOGRAPHS for consideration of the Summer or Winter covers. Photos do not have to be recent, but must be originals.

2. Submissions are by electronic mail ONLY. Please submit all photos as a JPEG or GIF file. PHOTOS must be at LEAST 300 dpi!

3. ALL photos must be originals and not copies of another's work. Please send full name of photographer for print credit.

4. If  you wish, you may also add a description of the photo, to be put in print.

5. Please note by your submission you are giving us legal permission to use your photo as the cover of one of the two magazines for Folk Wisdom Magazine, LLC.

6. The TOP 2 winners will be chosen by our writer's panel AND WILL BE FEATURED ON THE   TWO DIFFERENT COVERS for 2014.

PLUS!! The TOP 20 will have their photos featured here, on our website, for 20 days in November!

 DEADLINE: JUNE 15 2012.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


e know how it is...sometimes you want to unplug the technology and get back to basics....

Or maybe you're the type that likes digging in musty attics, searching for old fashioned things, and wondering why they ever went out of style....

Or you've longed for the "Good Old Days" of living, and wondering why we still don't use those wise old ways of living.....

We've done the same thing and that's how FOLK WISDOM was born.

I've been there--I'm what's known as city folk, but my Mama was a country girl, and somewhere along the lines, I fell in love with what she knew, and she'd fallen in love with what her parents knew, and so on. 

After losing my father, I realized I knew very little of his era...Folk Wisdom is sort of a love letter to my parents, and the more I talked to other FOLKS, I realized that most people felt a sense of losing those common sense skills and ideas from the past, as well.

At one point in time, we all had Common Wisdom, and the wisdom towards self sufficiency. Old building techniques, homemaking, crafts, food preservation, work with animals, cool Folk Art and culture... and beautiful things...when did these become relics, relegated to nostalgia?

And that's where FOLK WISDOM magazine steps in. Folk Wisdom is taking what is known, telling it like it is, and updating it for our modern readers. Our talented writers are dedicated to bringing you DIY projects, recipes, great uses for olden things, people preserving the past, and persevering with that ideal--into the future.

If you'd like to actively participate, we'd love to hear from you. JUST CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS on how to share your Wisdom.

Overall, we just want to share the Wisdom,  bring back a bit of what's important and maybe even make it cool, hip, and happening again.Mostly, we just want to make it accessible to anyone and everyone who wants a bit of Folk Wisdom in their lives!

Be Wise,
Zan Asha
Founder, Folk Wisdom Magazine