Monday, November 5, 2012

FIVE Great Winter Upcycled Projects

With Winter almost upon us, it's time to head inside. Between bouts of hot chocolate, comfort food, and family time, what better way to work your Wintertime indoor-time than with some serious crafts?

These crafts are useful, fun, AND upcycled! Get your cool, happy side together with these useful recycled crafts that use things from around the house! We've listed 5 for you to explore!

Hubby Have a large sweater? Or do you have an oversized sweater you're not sure what to do with?


                   Cool craft to do with the kids. Uses alot of those old milk or water jugs....

                                            Who knew you could make these??

 Make A Pair of Upcycled Boots From A Sweater!

                                                          Enchanting and easy to do...

Cute and Cool Upcycled Snow Globes

While not 100% "Winter-y," think Snowflakes....


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