Thursday, November 1, 2012


  Great photos by great photographers, and other amazing projects--one of the reasons we are  DELAYING our magazine publishing--to give you MORE and better FOLK WISDOM!

Alrighty, Folks!

   There's been A LOT going on behind the scenes here at Folk Wisdom Magazine. A LOT. In fact, TOO much has been happening, and maybe at too fast a speed....

When I began this endeavor, I had a vision for this magazine--as a hub for the sort of information people wished they remembered or held onto. I've heard many people say: "I wish I remember how Dad did this," or "did you ever get Aunt Sylvia's recipe?" People yearn for older information, lost history, and on and on.

There is a revival in the way things were done--the simple things, the tried and true things. Even science has acquiesced that some of the ways we USED to do things are the way they SHOULD BE DONE (organic farming and food, knitting/cooking/garden therapy, getting away from too much television, etc), and the goal was to bring a simple little magazine with several articles by experts in the DIY tradition, but the DIY would use older skills and create crafts/food/ideas from another era, but with a bit of hip flair. I would be happy with a black and white magazine with color cover, and we'd call that a day---

But as I started down that path.... I never dreamed so many friends, acquaintances and artistic people in my world would come together to help make this dream a reality. Not only has that happened, but it has happened in a way that has resulted in the magazine going from a smaller production to a magazine with color, ideas, stories, recipes and interviews from scores of talented people!

I am very very excited to be able to share these with you, the reader. However, it has become very apparent that in order to allow Folk Wisdom Magazine to follow this amazing path, production and delivery time will need to be pushed to a later date. There are just too many opportunities happening and the growth is one our humble staff has to get a hold of fully...

So, with apologies--and excitement--we have now pushed back the PRINT DATE of FOLK MAGAZINE to January 2014.

For those early subscribers, you have been refunded, with deep apologies and thanks for your early support! We will be sending out that info, along with exciting news shortly, to our newsletter list.

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The magazine will have the same great opening pictures by Jen MacNeil-Traylor. Same great folk-wise articles, and some new interesting ones.

Many MANY THANKS for your support and understanding. I will be announcing some very enticing offers, contests and giveaways in the near future and before you know it, Folk Wisdom will be arriving in your mailbox and on your doorsteps, ready to inspire, impress and WOW you!

In the meantime, please check out the NEW DATES of the Cover Photo Contest--which we ARE still running!

And feel free to send your recipes to Folk Wisdom, at any time! Email us at folkwisdommagazine(at)gmail(dot)com

Zan Asha, Editor in Chief
Folk Wisdom Magazine

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  1. How exciting Zan! This is your element and I'm sending huge congratulations! :-)