Friday, November 9, 2012

FOLK ART FRIDAYS: Audrey Eclectic

Inspired by a bygone era, Audrey Eclectic is a unique folk art collection created by artist Heather Sleightholm that features original paintings, prints, post cards, handmade wearables, art dolls, and more.  Audrey Eclectic art is at once a little sweet and a little dark, a little mysterious, always hopeful, and with a story to tell.

1. When did you start creating art? Give us a bit of background on yourself and the sort of art you create.
    I'm  not sure when I first started creating art, because it seems like it has always been a part of me! I've drawn and written stories since I could hold a pen or pencil, and something I don't ever remember not being driven to do-- it just calms my mind and makes me happy. I was always the shy girl who loved to draw in school, and it set me apart. Being creative and artistic became part of who I was, and it was really important to me from the time I was a child to present day.

    I've dabbled in may different kinds of art-- from drawing to painting to sculpture-- but didn't start making my own type of folk art until 2007, after I had my daughter, Audrey (I named my business Audrey Eclectic after her). When she was a few months old, I was able to stay home with her full-time, and when she was napping I couldn't resist the urge to ignore all those chores I needed to do and just paint. As she got older I got more involved with Etsy and my local arts and craft community and started doing more and more gallery events and craft shows.

    Now painting is my passion. I wake up each day excited and eager to paint. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to do it, and that others enjoy what I make.

2. What inspires you?
   For me, art and stories go hand-in-hand, so I am really drawn to the story telling aspect of painting. So big inspirations for me are folk tales, fairytales, and classic novels. I also have a deep infatuation with history, so different historical events and historical dress are very inspiring to me. I collect old photos and love old timey twangy music. All of these things seem to swirl in my brain and I come up with ideas of things to paint. I also strongly identify with themes of motherhood and faith, but also love things that are a little spooky. The seasons the the more old fashioned aspects of celebrating them are also very influential on my art.

3. If you have a favorite work, tell us about it, and why.
   That is a difficult question! I try not to have favorites because I know when I create a piece that it will most likely be sold, so I try not to get too attached!


   Probably my first really successful painting was a painting called Celestine-- its very dark and spooky and shows a girl holding a strange Queen Anne style doll with a crow on her shoulder. i did keep that one! I also like my painting Maple and Bittersweet because it evokes a sort of old fashioned autumn mood.

I am also really interested in Swedish folk art and Swedish Christmas traditions, and have met and had lots of great conversations with others with a love for Sweden or Scandinavian backgrounds because of my St. Lucia painting.

4. Where can people find more on you and your art?

My main website is

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  1. Wonderful feature on one of my favorite folk artists! Thanks so much for highlighting Heather's work!