Tuesday, November 6, 2012

FOLK WISDOM TIDBIT: An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

With The Thanksgiving Holiday upon us, here's a related tidbit...

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving may be what many of us idealize when we think of the holiday, but is also one of the writings of Louisa May Alcott, author of "Little Women."

Yes, "An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving" was one of several short stories written after the success of Women, and chronicles the 19th century drama of the Bassett family, of New Hampshire.  The story follows the trials of the 8 Bassett children, who must make Thanksgiving dinner themselves after the parents are called away for a family emergency the day before Thanksgiving.

The story chronicles the small details of dinner preparations and customs, and the relationships between the siblings, not unlike Little Women (or Little Men, for that matter). It's a must read for fans of Alcott, and those who love the time period, or tales of old Thanksgiving.

What are your fond Thanksgiving memories? Leave 'em in the comments section!

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