Monday, November 19, 2012

Vintage Thanksgiving Images, and NEWS!

Alrighty Folks!  We're celebrating Thanksgiving in a variety of ways, around here....first...because we love the old fashioned, here are a few lovely vintage images we've found for you. It's a plethora of sweet, interesting and perhaps weird vestiges of old-fashioned Thanksgiving...

But before that, THERE'S MORE NEWS:

See, we're not fans of the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING, known via the giant box stores as BLACK FRIDAY. No siree!  What we're doing instead, is honoring local, handmade, artisan, and small know, the way it USED to be, when you supported your neighbor and community directly by buying for the regular Joe (and Jill)....

So...we've launched a FOLK WISE HOLIDAY list--and we'll put it up on THANKSGIVING DAY. These are small businesses, farmers, artists, craftsmen, and more--listed state by state, and via their you don't even have to walk out your front door!

IF YOU ARE AN OWNER of such a business...and you haven't already, GET US YOUR INFO by posting it in the comments HERE or even in the comment section of this blog BY THIS WEDNESDY. And we thank you!

In the meantime...some cute Thanksgiving wishes...

Really energetic Thanksgiving wishes...

Strangely cute AND creepy Thanksgiving wishes...

And of course, Colonial Thanksgiving Wishes...



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