Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hello Friends!  Here's hoping the weather outside ISN'T FRIGHTFUL and that you have the spirit of Halloween with you!

With the heart of this holiday season, we celebrate Halloween in FOLK WISDOM style: with some vintage cards and photos from another era! Enjoy!

POSTCARDS were all the rage during the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and Halloween became a huge beacon for postcard art. Below are a few examples of interesting Halloween postcards!

Curiously, these post cards seem to harken back to the Victorian habit of using remnant fortune telling of
an even older time. Here, a young woman practices the Victorian habit of using a candle in a mirror to see the face of her future husband/love (as noted by the "cupid" sitting atop the pumpkin)!

Another Victorian beauty looks in the mirror to see a love (supposedly denoted by the picture of the gent in the background).

A more blatant version of this "fortune telling" comes in a post card that asks the questions of who one would marry, all around the card...sort of like a ouija board or game of chance, perhaps?

                                       A general post card of the Victorian era

                                                    Some cards carried cheery poems...

In the meantime, various vintage pictures of Halloween capture our imaginations. The interesting costumes and customs of another time are vividly illustrated, below:

                                                    Victorian Children, masquerading....

                                                               Little Devils, Circa 1920's

Improvised costumes and themes, such as these "witchy" women, marked the turn of the century and Victorian Era. These costumes were made of black crepe (at the collars and "aprons"). Circa 1910

                                                  At a Victorian Halloween Party

                          And, as we reported yesterday: these are "Thanksgiving Maskers"

                                               A Mob of Mischievous Maskers...

                                        We hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane......



  1. What a fun post! Happy Halloween! I just adore vintage postcards - both the art and the photography. There is something so quaint about it. Enjoy lots of treats and little tricks tonight!

  2. Thanks Theresa! We love Halloween too, and vintage ephemera of Halloween!