Monday, October 22, 2012

A Word About Advertising....

Alrighty Folks,

            Occasionally, we'll interrupt our regularly scheduled informational, entertaining, and magical Folk Wisdom posts to tell you a little bit about our upcoming magazine.

    Hopefully, this will catch you up on the excitement we're feeling here, and we hope you feel excited, too.

Our latest topic is one we've been grappling with a bit lately, the issue of advertising.

Those shiny ads in some magazines are the best way a magazine has to pay for it's publication fees, but we also wanted to set up a system where we helped small, handmade, local, or fair businesses find advertising space they normally couldn't, in larger publications...

Basically,  what we've set up is a way to help you. Got that?

From the get-go, we wanted to showcase  businesses that create beautiful, self-sufficient, or practical things that jive with our Folk Wisdom ethics.

We realize that most huge publications may charge in such a way that these businesses couldn't afford advertisement space.

But we want to be a little different--
We have super-low introductory rates to get your message heard...AND, in the process, your ad helps US keep going and offer low prices to our readership, in the process!

**Plus, you'll get exposure to the type of  ready-made audience who can appreciate authentic products and services!

So, if you're interested in an affordable and effective way to get your business known, please


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