Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Which Came First? The Chicken or The....

Of course!

At least in this post! Our first "official" Folk Wisdom learning post is about eggs--specifically, how to tell if they are fresh.

We figure that--hey--most folks eat eggs, or use them in recipes, and sometimes you CAN get a little more bang for your buck past the freshness date on those cartons.

Or perhaps you are lucky enough to have chickens and you want to know how fresh those farm fresh eggs are, after a few weeks.

So here's the scoop!


1.Fill a deep bowl with water.
2.Gently place the egg (or eggs) in question into the bowl.
3.The freshest eggs will drop to the bottom, and usually lay on their sides.
4. If it rises slightly, it is still good enough to use.
5. Fully floating eggs are NO LONGER FRESH-- you should discard these eggs.

Why the "float test?" 

As eggs lose their freshness, more and more air enters the egg. So if it's slightly filled with air, the egg will tip, and those with a large percentage of air will float.
For another fun way to look at it, check out this graphic:

AND! Check out or FOLK WISDOM FACEBOOK PAGE today for a few Folk Wise Myths and Symbols of eggs, in history, as well!


  1. Great tutorial! Folks would be quite shocked if they tested some farm fresh eggs against some store bought eggs. Shocked indeed

  2. Thanks Donna! I would bet that would be the case!