Friday, October 19, 2012

Folk Wisdom: Photo Shoots and Folk Art Fridays!

                                                             Outtake! Photo by Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor

eople, it has been mayhem around here. Mayhem, I tell you!

We've been busy--hard at work, but having fun--crafting a magazine that we think you'll want to read.

Folk Wisdom is one part old ways living, one part tutorial, one part discovering old objects and people who use them, one part history, and one part magic.

What we intend is that you learn as much as possible how to create useful, healthful, wonderful things in your own life, and how beautiful and simple these things are.

More than a stuffy magazine, or just one with beautiful pictures, Folk Wisdom is DIY Old-Ways living, a fresh take one older skills.

With that in mind, there are TONS of photos going on. Right now, we're working several issues at once!

A few weeks ago, I was humbled to follow Master Herbalist Sarah Preston, from Pennsylvania, as we gathered goldenrod and nettle, to dye with--yes! These plants can, and have, been used to dye clothing for centuries.

Here's our favorite photo from that session--with plenty more to come--so stay tuned as our upcoming Fall issue will feature pics and info on how to make your own plant dyes.

Meanwhile--you may have heard last weekend I was in heaven, photoshooting with horses, in amazing pasture-land, and with an even more amazing photographer!

Jennifer MacNeil-Traylor has had the distinction of being an accomplished folk artist, with an emphasis on horse and animal painting, as showcased at her Gypsy Mare Studios. She is also a featured artist with The Trail Of Painted Ponies.

Long before I knew Jen in person, I was enamored of her paintings of folk life, farm life, and more. By the time I had met her, she had taken up the camera--and created her own dazzling effects with them.  Because of her experience with horses, it only made sense to have her on our cover shoot.

I couldn't be more right! Besides taking stellar photos, she helped wrangle our senior Percheron, Bob, in a pinch!  I am indebted to her professional work and creativity!

Below are sneak peeks of our cover shoot--as well as the outtake, above!  Do yourself a favor and get to Jen's blog site, where you'll find her Flickr photos, or hire her for whatever photos you have! I believe her ETSY Store also has some amazing prints and art by this master artist (don't tell her I called her "master artist," though--she may just blush!)

And stay tuned for NEXT Friday, as we continue to profile artists of ALL Sorts for our Folk Art Fridays!

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