Thursday, October 18, 2012

Folk Wisdom Find: Pa's Fiddle

Speaking of Little House on The Prairie...

You may remember, from those books (and the T.V. series), that Charles Ingalls (Laura's Pa) would break out the old fiddle and play a song at night, or at social events.

While this was often gleaned by as a small part of Ingall's talent, it's been recently noted that Pa Ingalls was a musician in his own right, creating, or recreating various violin tunes.

Recently, that talent has been rediscovered by a collective of folk and country musicians--including the likes of Randy Travis--and they've come together to reconstruct those forgotten works by Ingalls, and his contemporaries.

The result? Pa's Fiddle, An American band, was born. Beyond exploring the nearly 127 works of Ingalls's, The Pa's Fiddle Project celebrates mountain music and bluegrass, and it's made for a fine new musical legacy.

You can listen, and buy this compilation of their work HERE

You can see more HERE:

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