Sunday, October 7, 2012

Welcome to the Folk Wisdom Community!

Welcome, Folks!

This place is for YOU...

Here's a place where we will focus on old time stories, your DIY projects, nostalgic or historic pictures you may have, old sayings and writings, tunes, tales, and other lore. You get the picture, right?

Our ONLINE SITE will  profile people and places that cherish the old lyric, old recipes, cool new ways to use olden things, folk artists and musicians, culture, designers, folks who run great businesses with an old time ethic...

....and, of course, the same DIY skills that will be featured in our hardcopy magazine.

AND WE'D LOVE YOU TO PARTICIPATE! SEND US your family stories, old photos, poems, sayings, recipes, DIY ideas, and more!

* Do you know how to build things using old methods?
* Do you have old sewing, cooking, gardening, or house care knowledge that you'd like to share?
* Do you have old family stories you'd like to write about?
* Can you repurpose old things for new use?
* Have old family photos or recipes?
* Are you LOOKING for something from the bygone era?
* Could you recommend a folk artist or designer that uses or mimics old-ways art methods?


While we can't claim to be all things to all people, this place is for young and old alike, we profile rural roots, urban designers with a FOLK fashion, folks doing it the old-way-today, and all sorts of culture from many places...from ancient times into the 1950's.

Basically, call it vintage stuff with a bit of swag, old fashion with flair, Old Ways Living for the newer era, authentic community who wants to tell their stories, and connect.

Because...we love that sort of stuff.

SO, if you want to be featured, or would like to profile someone else...send us your stories, photos, old magazine and newspaper articles, recipes, and reminiscing to

For more guidelines, check out the For Online Writers tab right here on our site!

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